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For Senate District D


    "A real conservative for the valley"

Representation which accurately reflects my constituent's values



We must live within our means. We cannot continue spending money we do not have. I strongly support a Constitutional spending cap which reflects our incoming revenues. I am opposed to any tax scheme to increase government spending. 


Follow existing law. Return the withheld money to the rightful owners. 

Term Limits:

Juneau was never designed as a retirement program


The first order of government is to protect the citizen and their property.

Binding Caucus:

I am adamantly opposed to the binding caucus as it undermines equal representation. I must be afforded the right to vote reflecting the values of the citizen who voted me into office on all issues.


Phone: 907-892-2244

Email: 76patriot@protonmail.com


An individual can donate up to $500.00 

Any amount of donation is deeply appreciated.

Unfortunately, effective campaigns cost money. I will make certain your donation is a worthwhile investment in your future. Thank you.



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